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                                     CAN MEDITATION REALLY HELP US

This is a question which, without doubt has been asked countless times over the millennia.  It is perhaps not unusual that you would ask what meditation is all about and could also ask, why you should meditate at all?  You may be one of many people who are seeking some simple, straight forward answers and explanations about this activity that many people know little about and feel is something they may not understand or might find difficult to do.

For those of you who are new to all of this and would like to understand and gain a better knowledge of meditation and why it’s practice can be of such wonderful and significant benefit to you, please spend a little time and learn some fundamental knowledge of meditation and its practice and also just why it is still so relevant to living in today’s modern world.Perhaps it is a worthwhile beginning to explain that it is not necessary to see meditation as a practice that can only be done either inside or outside of religious faith to the total exclusion of one or the other.  Many people mistakenly associate the practice of meditation with some thought of it being a spiritual experience.  This thought is totally understandable considering that down though the ages, many of the worlds great religious traditions have taught, not only to look outwardly to the Creator for our everlasting peace and happiness, but also they have instructed us to turn our minds inward in order to enable us to search and find the true nature of our own being for ourselves.

Although many people in the western world associate the practice of meditation with such religions as Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as a number of other Asian religions, it has always been with us, not only as a part of these religions, but has also played either a small or significant part in many other groups of different believers all around the world and down through the ages.

Christianity probably had more of a focus on meditation during its early days than it does today, forming a very important part with the establishment and development through the middle ages of many large and small monastic communities throughout the Christian world.  It is worthwhile to acknowledge that meditation also still has a part to play in Christian life today as it does not clash in any way and, in fact, complements this faith.

However, it is very, very important to realise and be aware that meditation can be practiced by absolutely anyone, anywhere, anytime.  If it is within your personal religious beliefs and creates no conflicts, that’s fine.  If, on the other hand, there is no religious affiliation with your meditation, this is also completely fine.  Please feel totally comfortable with the idea that the practice of meditation requires no allegiance to any particular faith or creed.  It is simply a wonderful gift to all of mankind to explore and practice if you wish to do so.

We can explain what meditation is, as simply the experience of being aware of your true nature and true inner self, the real person you are as you were created to be, without the disturbances and distractions caused by everyday influences and strong emotional pressures that cause fear, anxiety, hurt feelings and desires and frustrations that clutter and distort your conscious mind and therefore, totally overwhelm and fully occupy your attention on a daily basis.  For the most part we have to accept that unfortunately these influences are unavoidable in our daily lives.  However, they can be overcome.

So, you are now confronted by an obvious question, if this cluttered and distorted state of awareness which occupies your mind is your everyday consciousness.  How do you become aware and see into your true self and your true nature and thus begin to understand how you can become a more loving, caring, happy and peaceful person?  The simple truth is that you really have two selves, the first and most obvious is your conscious self.  This is the you that we have just talked about who confronts all of the day to day challenges you must deal with to live in the physical world and creates your everyday life in which you exist.

Your second self is a much more remarkable being and is commonly known as your subconscious self which is your pure self, free from outside influences and contamination by your emotions.  You can say it is your pure life force given to you by the Creator whomever you perceive him to be, so if you can quiet your outer mind and be aware and in touch with your inner mind, you will soon begin to realise the wonderful potential you have and how special you really are, whether you choose to believe it or not, it is of no matter because you are a very amazing person.  You know a great deal more than you think you know.  You have the ability to share in and make good use of the collective power of the Universe.  The wonderful thing about your real self is that you always have a completely trustworthy source of knowledge available to you which you can totally rely upon to tell you the truth in all things and how to use this truth to act in love and kindness towards all other beings.  All you need to do is believe in yourself, value and respect yourself and listen and learn from the knowledge given with love to each of you by the Creator.